Bad Boy Lawn Mowers


Bad Boy Mowers Zero-Turn products offer our residential and commercial customers high-grade mowers at a value price.  Bad Boy offers the 5-stage Advantage from the Grass Up:  Framed Stronger, Easier Access, More Power, Longer Life, and More Comfort.  If you have any questions or are looking for a particular Bad Boy model give us a call or fill out our contact form. Apple Farm Service is proud to be one of the first Bad Boy dealerships for Ohio and eastern Indiana.

Bad Boy Lawn Mower Models



MZ - Residential Use, 540-725cc, 42" Decks. 

Starting at $2,999

MZ Magnum - Residential Use, 725-726cc, 48", 54" Decks

Starting at $3,399

ZT Avenger - Residential Use, 725cc engine, 54", 60" Decks

Starting at $4,199

ZT Elite - Residential Use, 725-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks

Starting at $4,499

Maverick - Commercial Use, 726-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks

Starting at $5,899

Push Mower - Residential and Commercial Use, 179cc, 21", 25" Decks

Starting at $1,099

Walk Behind - Residential and Commercial Use, 603cc, .3", 45", 54" Decks

Starting at $4,699

Compact Outlaw - Residential and Commercial Use, 726-810cc, 48", 48" Decks.

Starting at $6,299


Rouge  - Commercial Use, 824-999cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks.


Starting at $9,599


Rebel - Commercial Use, 747-999cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks.

Starting at $7,499


Full Size Diesel -  Commercial Use, 1500cc, 61", 72" Decks

Starting at $15,899

Renegade - Commercial Use, 993-1100cc, 61", 72" Decks.

Starting at $11,199


Revolt - Commercial Use, Stand On, 726-852cc, 36", 48", 54", 61" Decks

Starting at $6,499

0% APR for up to 48 Months!

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