Kuhn Knight

Kuhn Knight's goal is to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations for quality products and services under the KUHN brand.

Kuhn Knight offers the vertical auger, horizontal auger and reel mixers designed to cover virtually every customer's mixing need or application. They also offers side-discharge and rear discharge spreaders that can spread a wide range of materials to meet virtually any producers spreading needs. They manufacture the most complete line of mixers and spreaders in the world.

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Kuhn Products We Carry

Fertilizer Spreaders - Tractor attached and trailed dry fertilizer spreaders


Mowers - Landscape and hay mowers for all applications

Mower Conditioners - Mounted, front mounted, center pivot, side pull, and tipple head mower conditioners

Rakes & Mergers - Mounted, semi-mounted, trailed, wheel rakes and windrow mergers.

Tedders - Mounted, trailed, and combination tedder rakes.


Bale Wrappers - Round and square bale wrappers

Straw Blowers and Feeders

TMR Mixers - Single to four auger mixers and reel TMR mixers available.

Manure Spreaders - Rear and side discharge spreaders

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$300 off GA 300 GM & 3200 GT Models

$750 off GA 4731 T & 5031 T Models

$1,000 off GA 4521 GTH, 62002, 6501 & 6632 Models

$1,200 off GA 4220 TH, 4221 GTH, 7501, 8121, 8731, & 7932 Models

$1,500 off GA 9032 Models

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KUHN Mow 'N Save Coupon

$300 off GMD 240 model

$400 off GMD 280 & 310 models

$500 off GMD 2851 & 2151 TL models

$750 off GMD 3551 & 4051 TL models

$1,000 off GMD 5251 TC model

$1,200 off GMD 2850 TL & 3150 TL models

$1,500 off GMD 3125 F & 3525 F models

$2,000 off GMD 3550 TL, 4050 TL & 8730 models

$2,500 off GMD 10030 model

$75 off FC 2860 TL Series models

$1,000 off FC3160 TC Series models

$1,250 off FC 3160 TL Series models

$1,500 off FC 3560 TL Series & FC 3560 TC Series models

$2,000 off FC 4060 TC Series models

$2,000 off FC 3125 DF & 3525 DF/RF models, 4460 TC Seies models & 8830 D models

$3,000 off FC 10030 D & R models

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