Great Plains

Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc.

Manufacturers of Fine Conventional Planters, Twin-Row Planters, Sprayers, HD Grain Drills, No-Till Grain Drills, Min-Till Grain Drills, Vertical Tillage and Conventional Tillage Implements

Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. was started on April 1, 1976. Roy Applequist, founder and president, has lead the company during these many years. In 1997 the company split divisions into Great Plains and Land Pride with Roy as the president of the Great Plains Division and president of the entire corporation.

Apple Farm Service is proud to be the official Great Plains dealership for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.

Great Plains Products We Carry




Vertical Tillage - Velocity, Turbo Max, Ultra Chisel, Max Chisel, Sub Soilers,  and Turbo Chisels


Hybrid Tillage - Qualidisc, Terra-Max, and Velocity






Conventional Tillage - Ultra Chisel, Ultra Disk, Cultivator, Disc-O-Vator, Disk Harrow, Field Cultivator, Flex Harrow, Hipper/Bedder, Plains Plow, Kverneland Plow, and Seedbed Conditioner



Air Drills - 20-45 feet with no till and conventional till options.


Compact Drills - 5-11 foot compact drills.


Drills - Industry leading drills from 12 to 50 feet.




Row Crop Planters - Options ranging from bulk fill to box fill with mechanical or air-pro drive systems.


Fertilizer Applicators - Anhydrous and liquid fertilizer options for pull type applicators.


Sprayers - Mounted and pull type sprayers from 300 to 1250 gallons and booms up to 90 feet.

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