Seeder Rental

Apple Farm Service is now offering Seeder rentals. Do you need a seeder, but don't want to pay full price for one? Or do you only need to use it once? Or maybe you don't have room to store one long term? No matter the reason, we want to help meet your needs. If you live near one of our locations and need a seeder then give your local store a call to see what they have available. Our service department will be happy to help you find the right seeder for your needs and get you on the schedule when that unit is available. The equipment you need will be determined by the size of the area you are seeding and the horsepower of your tractor. 

When you schedule a rental we will need to get a certificate of insurance or proof of liability. Before returning a unit, we ask that you empty the seed cups and clean the unit so it's in the same condition you received it.

Rentals + Pricing 

Brillion SSB10Covington$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
Brillion SSB8 8ftCovington$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
Land Pride OS1548 4ft Covington$300/Day
Land Pride OS1548 4fCovington$300/Day
Land Pride OS1572 6ftCovington$300/Day
Brillion SLP2061 6ftCovington$160/Day
Brillion SSB10 10ftMechanicsburg$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
Brillion SSB8 8ftMechanicsburg$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
Brillion SSB10 10ftWashington Court House$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
Brillion SSB8 8ftWashington Court House$19.50/Acre or $195/Day
GP NTS2607 7ft No TillBotkins$25/Acre or $300/Day
Land Pride OS1548 4ftBotkins$300/Day
Brillion SSB10 10ftBotkins$19.50/Acre or $195/Day

Rates vary based on the size of the unit or whether it has an engine meter or not. Daily rates range between $195-$300 per day, meter rates start at $19.50 per acre with a minimum of 10 acres a day. 

Areas Serviced

We service a 30-mile radius around each of our locations. Click here for location details.