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Apple Farm Service is your home for Case's AFS, New Holland's PLM, Precision Planting, Trimble Monitors, Voyager Cab Cameras, and Farmers Edge Data Aggregation.

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Technology is the future of profitable farming, and Apple Farm Service is there with you every "inch" of the way with RTK+ and WITHIN-AN-INCH_RTK. "WITHIN-AN-INCH_RTK" a Division of APPLE FARM SERVICE,INC is your RTK and RTK+ SIGNAL PROVIDER. We’ve got your signal for ‘REAL-TIME KINEMATICS’, in West Central Ohio, and East Central Indiana. Farmers across North America are crossing long-standing color barriers as they search out the best Precision Farming solutions for their competitive machines. We’re ready to supply equipment and signal for all your agricultural equipment, including John Deere, CaseIH, New Holland, AGCO, etc.

We’ve got your PRECISION FARMING needs covered, ready to install on Tractors, Combines, Self-propelled Sprayers, Planters, Spreaders, and Balers. Give Apple a call to discuss Auto Guidance and Auto Pilot Systems, AFS Accu Guidance, New Holland's PLM System, EZ-Steer Assisted Steering, Trimble Ez-Guide, Light Bars, and TruCount clutches for your planters.

Need something to do with all this data? Combine data with daily satellite images with the Famers Edge software to take complete control of your crop. Use Farmers Edge to automatically scout your crops daily, make adjustments to your planting schedule, and reduce input costs with prescriptions maps.

Scroll below to learn which is best for your next yield, RTK or RTK+

RTK+ Network


RTK+ uses cellular data to track your equipment every action and every move. Using data from cellular towers, RTK+'s strength is the ability to not deviate during line of sight issues like hills, valleys, trees, and buildings. Unlike radio-based guidance systems, RTK+ is not limited to distance from radio towers. If you lose cell phone signal, no worries! RTK+ will automatically switch to a satellite feed when you lose cell phone signal until cellular signal returns. RTK+ connects to your current cellular plan, or we can help you connect to the best plan for your farming area. Click Here to learn what CASE-IH, or New Holland says about RTK+!

RTK delivers precision within an inch! RTK uses a system of radio towers to precisely monitor and guide your equipment within an inch! Unlike RTK+, RTK does not use cellular data, which makes it a perfect match for anyone farming in areas with little to no cell phone coverage. Above is the map of Apple Farm Service's RTK coverage area. You can count on strong RTK signal if you live or farm within any of these green circles.


Our RTK Coverage Map (Using Radio Base stations)

Apple Farm Service proudly carries Ag Leader GPS receivers, steering solutions, displays, and software.


Apple Farm Service is proud to announce their partnership with Farmers Edge! 

Farmers Edge is a data aggregator to help you make better ROI decisions on your crops. Every new farming machine creates data. Your tractor, planter, sprayer, and combine create too much data for one farmer to understand. Farmers Edge combines all this information and gives you easy to understand results. Daily satellite images of your fields will alert you of any changes you might want to inspect. On-Farm weather stations alert you of proper planting/spraying/harvest situations. Soil testing creates detailed prescription maps for fertilizer inputs. 


90 Day No-Interest Financing

90 Day no interest financing on qualifying Case IH or New Holland parts and service purchases of $750 or more.

AFS Pro 700 Display Trade-up Program

Receive $1,500 credit as line item discount at a point of sale towards the purchase of a new AFS Pro 700 display when you trade in any precision farming display.

AFS Pro 700 Display & EZ-Pilot Pro Bundle

Receive $1,200 cash off when you purchase a new AFS Pro 700 Display and EZ-Pilot Pro steering system together.

XCN-750 Display with NAV-500 and AutoPilot License Bundle

Receive $600 cash off when you purchase a XCN-750 display with NAV-500 with full AutoPilot license.

XCN-750 Display with NAV-900 and AutoPilot License Bundle

Receive $720 cash off when you purchase a XCN-750 display with NAV-900 with full AutoPilot license.

XCN-1050 Display with NAV-900 and AutoPilot License Bundle

$820 cash off when you purchase a XCN-1050 with NAV-900 and Auto-Pilot license.


2.99% APR for 36 Months on Precision Farming

Qualifying customers can receive 2.99% APR for 36 months on qualifying Case IH or New Holland Precision farming parts purchases of $12,000.


Precision Planting Rebates

Now through September 30th, 2020, take these rebates when you add DeltaForce, V Drive, and SpeedTube:

DeltaForcevDrivespeed tube

$50 OFF per row when you buy one attachment per row.

$150 OFF per row when you buy two attachments per row.

$200 OFF per row when you buy all three attachments per row.

How can these attachments help increase yield from your planter? Click here to learn more!

Don't know which system is best for you? Discuss your situation with Apple Farm Service, or set up a demo today! Let our certified RTK and RTK+ technicians research your location, and demo both systems.