Updrade & Save on New Precision Planting 2020 Display

Upgrade & Save SeedSense Displays!

Now through July 31st, 2018.

Gen III SeedSense 2020Gen III Display

Trade in your old SeedSense 2020 Display for a new Gen III SeedSense to receive major discounts!

Did you purchase a Gen II display anytime after 6/1/2017? Then get a FULL credit of what you paid toward the cost of a new Gen III 2020 Display!

Did you purchase your Gen II display anytime between 6/1/2015 & 5/31/17? Then get $1,000 towards the purchase of the new Gen III 2020 Display!

 Gen II Display

What's new in the Gen III 2020 Display?

-Faster processors for quicker updates and data

-Larger screen that enables the user to view more important fields at a time

-Easier to use touchscreen

-More customizable fields & field analytics.