Twenty New Holland Aussies Visit Apple Farm Service

On Saturday morning, September 2nd, a large coach bus pulled into the parking lot of Apple Farm Service's Covington location.

Apple Farm Service was honored to have twenty Australians, comprised of New Holland Dealer Principles and PLM (Precision Land Management) Specialists, spend their Saturday morning with us. These Australians were on their way across America on their way to their final destinations; the New Holland Factory and New York City. They were on a trip to learn more about New Holland's Precision Land Management, and how the United States utilizes it. Their tour guide, James Nosworthy, choose to stop at Apple Farm Service because our long history of carrying PLM products, our size, and the reputation we have with precision farming equipment.

After a quick meet and great, the group began a short Q&A session, and then broke up into groups for personalized tours. Following the tours were group photos and goodbyes. 

Both Australians and Americans learned how New Holland dealerships are ran across the Ocean. With Australia’s vastness, New Holland dealerships are hours apart, causing days-long service runs. Their fields are large, often square miles, making straight lines a must for precision equipment. With so little rain, Australia’s main crops are cereals and grains like wheat...but some wetter lands harvest rice and cotton. One dealer principle even uses PLM on his grape harvesting equipment!

During the tour of Apple Farm Service, the group was amazed at the equipment we carry and the size of our parts inventory. In Australia, most dealerships don't stock a huge surplus of parts, unlike our warehouse of over 80,000 different types of parts. The dealership principles explained how Australia has a faster freight system than the United States, making overnight shipping cost-effective and popular to customers. The tour group was also surprised at the organization of our parts; having each part bar-coded and logged into our tracking system.

Apple Farm Service was incredibly thankful for being chosen as a tour stop for this group of Australian New Holland Dealer Principles and PLM Specialists. We enjoyed learning about the differences and similarities between our New Holland dealerships, PLM, and our thoughts on the future of agriculture.