Apple Farm Service wishes Sam Edger a long, relaxing, and memory filled retirement! Sam has been with Apple Farm Service's sales team for over 20 years, building long term relationships with his clients and his co workers at Apple Farm Service.

Sam's last day will be December 31st. Please share any memories, stories, or well wishes with Sam by filling out this form below! If you have any photographs or files you would like to share with him, please email Kent Holmes at, or drop them off to Kent Holmes at the Covington location to make copies.

Unless you make a note in your message, we will display your messages on this webpage for Sam.



Congratulations Sam. Jeff and I wish you the very best. Stay well and enjoy your retirement. -(Faith Tomlin)

Congratulations, Sam! We wish you all the best in your future and greatly appreciate all your hard work over your career! -(Laurie & Antonio Romano)

Sam enjoy your retirement have fun - (Art Ayers)