Ride N Drive Event - May 20th @ Montgomery Co Fairgrounds

Saturday, May 20th, 10a-3p @ the Montgomery County Fairgrounds

Are you thinking about purchasing a new compact tractor, mower, or utility vehicle? This is the perfect event to test-drive our equipment and get your questions answered! Take a spin on one of our tractors, mowers, or utility vehicles. We will have the full line of Kioti tractors and utility vehicles, Bad Boy mowers, Grasshopper mowers, Exmark mowers, and dozens of attachments. Join us for a free cookout lunch, enter to win prizes, music, and games! This family-friendly event is free for everyone! Rain in the forecast? No worries! We have plenty of room to run the machines inside as well!

@ The Montgomery County Fairgrounds (Dayton, Ohio) – Saturday, May 20th, 10AM-3PM

  • Located outside main building
  • Ability to run machines inside if inclement weather occurs
  • See the Map below for more details

Montgomery County Fairgrounds Map

Test Drive the following:

Kioti Logo


CS Series - 21.1-24.5HP with independent PTO and hydrostatic transmission

CX Series - 24.5HP with manual or HST transmission.

CK 10 Series - 24.5-39.6HP with live and transmission PTO, manual and hydrostatic transmission.

CK10SE Series - 34.9-39.6HP with live PTO, hydrostatic transmission, and a climate controlled cab.


DK 10 Series - 45-55HP with independent PTO, and manual or hydraulic shuttle transmission.


NX Series - 45-60HP with independent PTO, hydrostatic or synchro shuttle transmission, and options with a climate controlled cab.


RX Series - 66-73HP with independent PTO, synchro shuttle or power shuttle transmission with creeper, and options with a climate controlled cab.

PX Series - 93-110HP with independent PTO, synchronized transmission, and a climate controlled cab.


Mechron Utility Vehicles - The fun to drive Mechron Series with 22HP and options from two rows to climate controlled enclosures and doors.

K9 Utility Vehicles - The landowners best friend. 24HP, 3 cylinder water-cooled engine, with speeds up to 31mpg.


Zero Turn Mowers - 12 Models from residential to commercial grade zero turn mowers.


Attachments & Implements - Loaders, backhoes, and dozens of attachments to fit your Kioti tractor.

Grasshopper Logo

MidMount 100V Series - Air Cooled Gas, 724-810cc, 41", 48", 52", and 61" Decks.

MidMount 200V Series - Air Cooled Gas, 747-810cc, 52", 61", 62" Decks.

MidMount 200 Series -  Air Cooled Gas, 747cc, 48", 52", 61" Decks.

MidMount 300 Series - Air Cooled Gas, Liquid Cooled Gas, and Liquid Cooled Diesel, 719-993cc, 48", 52", 61", 72" Decks.


FrontMount 700 Series - Air Cooled Gas, Liquid Cooled Gas, and Liquid Cooled Diesel, 719-962cc, 52", 61", 72" Decks.

FrontMount 900 Series - Liquid Cooled Gas, Liquid Cooled Diesel, 962-1261cc, 52", 61", 72" Decks.


Bad Boy Mowers

MZ Magnum - Residential Use, 725-726cc, 48", 54" Decks

ZT Avenger - Residential Use, 725cc engine, 54", 60" Decks

ZT Elite - Residential Use, 725-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks

Maverick - Commercial Use, 726-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks

Maverick HD - Commercial Use, 726-779cc engine, 42"-60" Deck



Rouge  - Commercial Use, 824-999cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks.


Rebel - Commercial Use, 747-999cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks.

Renegade - Commercial Use, 993-1100cc, 61", 72" Decks.

Quest E-Series - 42" and 50" Decks, and speeds of 7mph. 

Quest S-Series - 54" Decks, and speeds of 7mph.

Radius E-Series - 44", 48", 52" and 60" Decks. Speeds of 8mph. 

Radius S-Series - 48", 52", and 60" Decks, and speeds of 9mph.

Radius X-Series - 48", 52", and 60" Decks. Speeds up to 10mph. 

Lazer Z E-Series - 48", 52", 60" and 72" Decks. Speeds up to 8mph. 

Lazer Z S-Series - 52", 60", and 72" Decks. Speeds up to 10mph. 

Lazer Z X-Series - 60", 72", and 96" Decks. Speeds up to 11.5mph. 

Prize Giveaway

What you could win: