Precision Planting Summer Rebates

It's never too early to begin thinking of next year's planting strategy. Why not increase yield and decrease mechanical breakdowns for 2018?

Now through September 25th, 2018, you can upgrade your planter to a Precision Planting accurate machine with these HUGE rebates!


DeltaForcevDrivespeed tube

DeltaForce, vDrive, & SpeedTube

$200 per row when you purchase all three

$150 per row when you purchase two of the three

$50 per row when you purchase just one of the three

DeltaForce- Control the down force of your planter, using quickly adaptive hydraulics to counterbalance bouncing, bumping, and other variables.

vDrive - Never replace a chain again! Allows you to change population in an instance, eliminate double planting, and create custom planting.

SpeedTube - Plant faster with more accuracy. Seeds travel along an enclosed conveyor belt to precisely place your seed, no skips or doubles. The conveyor belt matches the speed of your vDrive for harmonious seed placement.