Offering Precision Farming Packages

Ready to stop worrying about getting your precision equipment field ready each season? Apple Farm Service is now offering Precision Farming Packages.

Get your equipment calibrated at a regular basis and begin your next planting or harvest with confidence. 

Below are the current packages:

Basic - $600 per year

  • 2x Farm visits per year
  • Software updates to display, nav, and receiver
  • Display setup
  • Basic calibration of guidance system
  • Review of system operation
  • Each additional system is $200

Premium - $600 per season, or $1,200 per year

  • Pre-season farm visit for data clean up 
  • Software updates to display, nav, receiver, and planter controller
  • Data load to display
  • Display Setup
  • Advanced calibration of guidance system
  • Calibrate section control and/or harvest sensors
  • Review of how to operate display
  • In-season phone and & remote support
  • Each additional system is $200

Yield Calibrations 

  • Advanced yield calibrations
  • $250 with your own cart and scales
  • $350 if we bring a cart and scale to your farm

Data Management

  • Basic maps and reports are 20 cents per acre
  • Post calibration of yield data is $200
  • Full data management is $500 per year