Now Carrying Farmers Edge Solutions

Ever feel like your equipment is overloading you with data? There's only so much you can take in on your tractor's monitor or combine's monitor. Who has the time to sit down to review all this data?!

Apple Farm Service is excited to announce a new partnership that offers farmers a solution to maximize the return from all their data. Presenting Farmers Edge!

Farmers Edge is a full service data aggregation system created for the farmer to make the most educated decisions for their crops.

Famers Edge will take in all the information your equipment creates, and turn it into a usable, easy to understand format. Combine this data with soil testing and daily satellite images to catch problems before they arise, create prescription maps, and monitor your operation's activities.

Here's a short video outlining what Farmers Edge is:


And here is a video testimonial from a happy Farmers Edge customer:


Farmers Edge offers the following features to maximize the ROI on your farm

-FarmCommand Software to aggregate all your data

-Scouting Maps from satellites to view daily growth of your crops

-Crop Health Maps to alert you of any daily changes you need to know about

-On-Farm Weather Stations to alert you of the best time to plant/spray/harvest, and give you the most accurate rain and weather records

-CanPlugs that capture data from almost all makes and models of equipment

-Fertility Planning Maps

-Zone Mapping

-Ground-Truthing Maps

-Soil Testing

-Precision Maps

-Profit Maps

-Nitrogen Manager 

Apple Farm Service is excited to carry Farmers Edge through their partnership with CNH! 

Packages range from $1.50 to $6.00 per acre! Visit your local Apple Farm Service to learn more!