The Newest Kinze Seed Meter Tester is Coming Soon!

Apple Farm Service is getting a late Christmas Gift from Kinze this year...the Kinze T4000 Seed Meter Test!

Our service techs are excited to be trained on this new machine, and help our customer's Kinze planters become even more effiencient for 2017!

Compared to the previous Kinze Seed Meter Testers, the T400 will:

-Demonstrate meter performance

-Demonstrate meter singulation and Coefficient of Variation (how well the meter is realsing seed and the variation of seed spacing)

-Provide the ability to view a comparision of the Kinze vac meter to Kinze mechanical meters

Need to get your Kinze Meter's calibrated? Call today to schedule your calibration with the new Kinze T4000!