Kubota's first high speed gas RTV- The Sidekick

We can't stop drooling over it... Kubota's first high speed gas RTV, the XG850 Sidekick, is more than just a Sidekick...it should've been named "The Boss"!

With a beefy 48 horsepower engine, the Sidekick can accelerate like a madman to 40MPH! 

Kubota's outdone itself this time, with a powerful gas engine, speed sensitive power steering, CVT transmission, engine braking options, and a sexy redefined body profile...the Sidekick is ready to kick chores while looking good.

Kubota Sidekick

Let's take it apart, piece by piece, and I think you'll see why we can't stop dreaming about the XG850 Sidekick!

The beefy engine-

The 48HP engine accelerates the RTV to a top speed of 40MPH …fast! Equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), the engine ensures fast response and superior belt durability. Idle speed control and highland correction makes certain you always have stable power for any terrain.

The surreal suspension-

The Cadillac of suspension, Kubota made sure your ride is smooth with front and rear suspension. They've found the perfect balance without bottoming out with a full load. The speed sensitive electric power steering masters steering control and stability, even at 40MPH! Head downhill without worrying about breaking with the engine assisted deceleration brakes. When you spin your wheels, switch over to full-time 4WD that delivers a class-leading 2,000lbs of traction!

Tow like you haven't before-

Ever thought you could tow 2,000lbs with a gas RTV? Why not do that while caring 15.2 cubic feet of cargo on your cargo box while you're at it? And if that's not impressive enough, easily add another 25% to your cargo box with the cargo extender! Add the electric hydraulic lift option to easily dump your 15.2 cu feet of dirt, rock, or whatever you fill your RTV with!

Practical luxury-

Turns out you can be beautiful on the inside and out with the Kubota Sidekick. Redefined digital clusters, steering wheels, shift knobs, and practical options like a 4 headlight set, half doors, shoulder guards, split bench seats, and hidden storage awaits you inside. Customize to what you need from different options for windshields, roofs, doors, rear windows, rails, and protective bumpers.

The Kubota Sidekick debuts at Apple Farm Service in January 2018. You can drool over Kubota Orange, dark green, real-tree camo, or black. Stop in to learn more and test-drive Kubota's latest achievement in the RTV world.