Important COVID-19 Updates

UPDATE - May 7th, 2020:

We have very positive news for our customers! After recent events we have decided to open our showrooms again!

Our showrooms, service offices, and sales offices are now open to the public. 

We still ask that you follow social distancing guidelines to help lower the risk of spreading COVID-19. Each store has taken precautions to help you keep a safe distance of 6 feet from other customers and our employees. Some stores have marks six feet apart, some stores have physical barriers six feet apart. Please follow each store's protocol to keep everyone safe. 

Apple Farm Service understands your concerns about the spread of COVID-19. If you are unsure about entering our showrooms you may still complete your orders and requests through phone or email. Per your request, we can still place your parts outside, complete service on your machines without face-to-face communication, and assist you with the purchasing of equipment without personal contact.

We are excited to begin making steps towards normalcy while still doing our part to keep our community safe.

UPDATE - April 27th, 2020:


You've already noticed things are a little different if you've stopped by any of our locations recently. However, things will get a little closer to normal soon.

As of now, our showroom are still closed. You can order parts, have your equipment serviced, and purchase new and used equipment from our sales team. However, with the showroom closed, customers have to communicate through phone or email.

Very soon Apple Farm Service will be opening their doors again to better assist our customers. We closed our doors to protect our customers and employees. We feel that it is time to move forward and operate at a level that is closer to normal.

Whenever we open the doors we will still adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. Customers must stand six feet apart, close contact will be at a minimum, and protective equipment will be installed at our showrooms to protect you and our employees.

If you feel that you have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been near someone with symptoms of COVID-19, please do not enter the showrooms.

We will still be taking orders over the phone through email if you don't feel safe entering our showrooms. Our employees will adhere to what you are comfortable with. 

We want to thank all of you who did business with our company during this difficult time. We understand our changes can be frustrating and an inconvenience to your customer experience. Thank you for your patience as we try our best to protect our community while serving the essential businesses of AG and construction.

Dear Customers,

As time passes we understand your concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Apple Farm Service is at difficult position to serve the needs of the agricultural community while serving our civic duty to curb the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

We understand that livestock needs fed, crops need planted, and equipment breaks. As an essential business we will remain open with normal operating hours. However, for the safety of our employees and customers we will enact the following policy beginning March 31st, 2020:

-All showrooms and storefronts will be closed to the public until further notice.

All business operations will still be functioning as before. We will remain open from 7:30AM till 5PM Monday through Friday, and 7:30AM till noon on Saturday. Apple Farm Service will still support you the same through parts, equipment sales, and the service department.

If you need the following, please adhere to these policies:

Parts- You may still order parts through telephone or email. Our parts department will place your requested parts on the outside of the building for pick-up. Those without a charge account can still pay via credit card over the phone.

Service – You may still drop off your equipment for servicing, or our service technicians will still pick-up your equipment. Rather than physically stepping into the service department to initiate service work, we ask you to communicate through phone or email. If our technicians are picking up your equipment, please leave your equipment in an accessible spot but do not greet the technician or delivery driver in person.

Sales – Our sales staff are available to help you with all your equipment needs, however, we ask that you do not visit our sales staff in person to receive quotes. Please call or email your requests or questions. We will call you before visiting your operation. Please let us know if you have any symptoms before we visit. If you have symptoms we may still inspect your equipment, but please do not meet the salesperson in person.

If you feel that your request can not be completed through the phone or email you may enter the building with given permission from one of our employees.

Our equipment lots will remain open. We still welcome you to drive through our lot to view our large selection of used and new equipment. If you have a question about a piece of equipment on the lot you may call for an appointment with a salesman who can review the equipment with you at a safe distance.

Here are contacts you can use for each department:

                Covington Parts, Sales, or Service – 937-526-4851

                Covington Parts Email –

                Covington Service Email –

                Botkins Parts, Sales, or Service – 937-693-3848

                Botkins Parts Email –

                Botkins Service Email –

                West College Corner Parts, Sales, or Service – 765-732-3081

                West College Corner Parts Email –

                West College Corner Service Email –

                Mechanicsburg Parts, Sales, or Service – 937-834-2307

                Mechanicsburg Parts Email –

                Mechanicsburg Service Email –

                Equipment Sales Email for all Stores –

We acknowledge that this change might be inconvenient to you, the customer. We recognize that the health and safety to our employees and customers are paramount. Let us come out of this pandemic stronger as a community.

With deepest sentiment,


Bill Apple

President & CEO

Apple Farm Service