Important COVID-19 Updates

Dear Customers,

Apple Farm Service is still here for our hardworking farmers. We understand that planting season must occur, livestock needs to be tended to, and your farming operation cannot shelter for the Novel Coronavirus.

We will continue to operate at our normal hours and offer the same services that our customers have always counted on.

We want to assure you that we have been actively monitoring the threat of COVID-19. The safety of our valued employees and wellbeing of our customers are extremely important. It is our responsibility as a member of the community to ensure we take proper precaution to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Effective March 19th, 2020, we ask our customers to politely administer the following policies below:

We ask customers who have shown any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, or have exposure to those with symptoms to not enter our showrooms, parts warehouses, or other indoor facilities. Customers without symptoms (or exposure to those with symptoms) may still enter our showrooms and indoor facilities.

If you, the customer, feel that you have any symptoms or exposure to those with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, you may still use all of our services with the following options:

Parts- You may still order parts through telephone or email. Our parts department will place your requested parts on the outside of the building for pick-up. Those without a charge account can still pay via credit card over the phone.

Service – You may still drop off your equipment for servicing, or our service technicians will still pick-up your equipment. Rather than physically stepping into the service department to initiate service work, we ask you to communicate through phone or email. If our technicians are picking up your equipment, please leave your equipment in an accessible spot but do not greet the technician or delivery driver in person.

Sales – Our sales staff are available to help you with all your equipment needs, however, we ask that you do not visit our sales staff in person to receive quotes. Please call or email your requests or questions. We will call you before visiting your operation. Please let us know if you have any symptoms before we visit. If you have symptoms we may still inspect your equipment, but please do not meet the salesperson in person.

We send our customers, employees, and neighbors a deep sense of gratitude during this time of uncertainty. It is during these times that grow stronger together as a community.

With deepest sentiment,


Bill Apple

President & CEO

Apple Farm Service