A Humble International Harvester 504 Finds a New Life

Left: The International 504 chosen for restoration. Right: The St. Clair County Farm Museum.

One lucky tractor from Apple Farm Service might make it to someone’s private collection, or maybe even a museum! This August, an International 504 Tractor at our Mechanicsburg location was chosen by the Saint Clair County Farm Museum as their next restoration project!

Every year, for the last eight years, the Saint Clair County Farm Museum has picked one special tractor to purchase, restore, and raffle to help raise funds for their not-for-profit museum.

According to Bob Sullivan, member of the Saint Clair County Farm Museum, Mechanicsburg is the furthest they have ever driven to pick up a tractor. The Museum resides in Goodells, Michigan, 240 miles from Mechanicsburg, Ohio!

“We are delighted to help The Saint Clair County Farm Museum!” said Mechanicsburg salesman, Zach Dennis. “Not only will this historic tractor get a new life, but it will help educate and interest others in the history of how farming has evolved!”

Bob Sullivan was also delighted to take on the restoration of this International 504 tractor. The Saint Clair County Farm Museum does not accept any equipment newer than 50 years. In their collection are threshing machines, steam engines, horse drawn equipment, and home items from the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  The museum is located on a farm established in 1873, and the museum officially opened in 1964. Their goal is to educate others how agriculture and life was worked in the olden days.

Restoration work is nothing new to the museum! Most of their machines work, often demonstrating them on-site at their field for children and adults to relive and appreciate the olden days.

Are you interested in learning more about the Saint Clair County Farm Museum? Or are you interested in winning the newly restored International 504 Tractor?

You can visit their website at http://stclaircountyfarmmuseum.org/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sccfarmmuseum/ . The museum is open two days a month for no charge with demonstrations to the public.

The raffle for the newly restored International 504 will occur in August of 2018. They will be raffling it off in conjunction with their annual Harvest Festival, a weekend festival of demonstrations, food, fun, and games from August 24-26. Each raffle ticket is $5 with the option for the winner to take $3,500 in lieu of the International 504. Those interested in purchasing tickets can contact the St. Clair County Farm Museum.