Dick White- Retirement Well Wishes, Stories, and Photographs

Apple Farm Services wishes Dick White a long future of relaxation and worry free memories as he finishes his 40+ years at Apple Farm Service.

Dick has been with Apple Farm service since he was in highschool, leading the service department to what it is today!

We would love to give your well wishes, memories, stories, and photographs you have for Dick! Please fill out this form below, so we can present these to Dick before his last day on December 31st.

If you would like to share a photograph or file, please email it to Kent Holmes at kholmescov@applefarmservice.com, or drop it off to Kent Holmes at our Covington location to make copies.




Dick, what a wonderful accomplishment. I am so happy for you and your wife. It was a priveledge to work with you although it was just a short time. My favorite time of the day was in the morning when you came into the office and I would ask you how you were. You gave the best answer that I still laugh about every time some one asks me the same question. "Well I woke up today and there was no dirt in my face!" Well said Dick, well said. You are a wonderful man and Jeff and I wish you the very best of everything. Hopefully on a beach with your best girl! -(Faith Tomlin)

Thanks Dick for all your help through all the years you will be missed You have fun in your retirement .- (Art Ayers)

Dick, thank you for all you have done for Apple Farm Service. We wish you a healthy, long, and wonderful retirement. Best wishes to you!- (Laurie & Antonio Romano)

Dick it has been great to work with you the past 11 years. You never failed to say good morning and asked me how I was doing. I hope your retirement is everything you hope it to be. You will be missed by alot of customers who depended on your knowledge in the farm business. - (Tom Scantland)

First service call I went on was with dick to help on a NH tr70 had fun that's why I came back to work at apples- (Josh Petitjean)

Heck of a mechanic and better person- (Bill Dill)

With the utmost respect and boundless appreciation of 40+ years of service to Apple Farm Service, Inc, and our customers, we say, “Congratulations, Dick!”   You’ve served our customers with a determined dedication and the highest integrity that will forever be a benchmark of unequaled measure.    And for that the entire Apple family will be forever grateful. It’s now your time to enjoy whatever it is God brings you to next.  As you said, “It’s not retiring, it’s refiring!”   You will be dearly missed, but we wish you continued success on your path of service.  “ – (Bill and Linda Apple)

Dick, It doesn't seem possible that all this time has gone by.  it seems like just yesterday that Rob and I were talking about our purchase of our first New Holland Combine.  All the knowledge that you shared with Rob and I over the years was greatly appreciated.  I know I would never have been able to complete last year without your help and support.  You always calmly handled what ever problem or concern we had.  Thank you for all your help.  I hope you and your wife enjoy your freedom to travel and do whatever you want to do.  (Ellen Joslin)

You are not only a top notch mechanic you are also a top notch person that people should look up to and use as an example as to what being a good human being is all about!!!! Thank you for the many wonderful memories I have ,it sounds silly but I looked forward to service calls you would make to our farm over the last 40 years. ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!! (Tom Shawhan)

Dick, enjoy your retirement. When I was farming you were the one I counted on when my TR-70 needed help. When Mike took over farming he really counted on you. You will be missed. (Richard Slonkosky)

Thank you for everything you have done for Apple Farm Service! We will miss you!