Deere Intervention Program

Apple Farm Service is delighted to announce their Deere Intervention Program with the renowned Dr. Racine.

Do you have a father, grandfather, friend, or family member with an unhealthy obsession with John Deere? This program is the answer to show them the truth; that better colors exist.

The Deere Intervention Program is a multi-step program developed by Dr. Racine to stop self-destroying addictions to green.

It's never too late to change your life for the better! I had no idea I was so blind until Apple Farm Service showed me the light!" - Charles Baker, Ohio

Download the official tri-fold brochure!

This four step process has been scientifically proven to fix 96% of our patients. How does it work?

1. Intervention 

While you and others might have tried to explain your concerns, a formal intervention has been proven most effective for the patient.

2. Diagnosis

Does the patient just prefer green, or does the patient think green is an idol?

3. Education

Each patient undergoes a custom program to show the flaws of green equipment and open their eyes to see that green doesn't always mean quality.

4. Release

Every patient receives a free Apple Farm Service hat and periodic calls from our sales and parts department to prevent relapse.

"Thanks to Dr. Racine, I now can make smart decisions without my illness and addictions!" - Ray Chadfield, Indiana

Is this program meant for you?

Take this short quiz:

I put more money in my green equipment than what it’s worth every year.

I think things painted green are worth more.

I have at least one fight a week trying to defend my green purchases.

I have more than 5 John Deere Hats.

I believe that everything not green is of lesser quality.

I’ve been burned numerous times from my local John Deere dealership, but continue to buy from them.

Waiting months for parts is ok with me if it’s for my John Deere equipment.

If you said "yes" to any of these, then you are a great fit for this program.

Our Solutions

Choices for a better lifestyle:

Case iHNew HollandMacDonKubota LogoKinze LogoDragoKioti LogoKuhn LogoGreat Plains LogoGrasshopper LogoBad Boy LogoGehl LogoManitou LogoJ&M LogoBush Hog LogoGeringhoff LogoMeyer Logo

Just a few of our solutions. Visit our website or call to learn more.

Also available - Prevention program for children

Protect your children with the Tractor Color Blindness Prevention Program

Enroll your children and grandchildren today!


Children will learn -

1. All tractors deserve recognition

2. Not all tractors are green

3. Just because a tractor is green does not 4. mean it is the best choice

5. How to choose quality over color

6. And much more!


What to expect -

1. Hands-on learning

2. An interactive classroom environment

3. Continued learning even after graduation


Click here to learn more about our Tractor Color Blindess Program