Bulk Oil & DEF comes to Apple Farm Service

Next time you drive by our Covington store, pull around the back of the main shop and you'll see something big and brand new! 

Apple Farm Service has been hard at work building our new bulk tank system! This enclosed building holds three enormous tanks for DEF, 10w40 oil, and hydraulic oil. With the bulk tanks in place, Apple Farm Service can now offer bulk rate prices to you, no matter which location you live closest to!

To celebrate the finish of construction, we are offering HUGE discounts to you! 

From February 19th through March 3rd, 2018:


Pick Up Prices - Available at all Apple Farm Service locations

Hydraulic Oil - $12.70 per gallon

15w40 Oil- $11.55 per gallon

10w40 Oil - $13.50 per gallon

DEF - $1.59 per gallon


Delivery Prices - Requires a delivery of at least 100 gallons of oil, def, or combination of both.

Hydraulic Oil - $13.50 per gallon delivered

15w40 Oil - $12.50 per gallon delivered

10w40 Oil - $12.50 per gallon delivered

DEF Delivered - $1.79 per gallon delivered