Bulk Oil and DEF from Apple Farm Service

Bulk Oil and DEF Delivery

Restocking your engine oil, hydraulic oil, and DEF can be done with just a call!

Take advantage of our bulk fluid delivery program today!

When you order over 100 gallons in engine oil, hydraulic oil, or DEF (or a combination of the three) then receive these terrific delivery rates!

-Hydraulic Oil = $1.50 per delivered gallon ($19.50/Gal delivered, $18.00/Gal pick-up)

-15w40 Oil = $1.50 per delivered gallon ($18.25/Gal delivered, $16.75/Gal pick-up)

-DEF = $0.91 per delivered gallon ($2.80/Gal delivered, $1.89/Gal pick-up)

These rates apply for a 50 mile radius around our Covington location. We can still deliver outside a 50 miles radius, however, extra delivery charges may apply.