Arrowquip Partners with Apple Farm Service

 Arrowquip International Headquarters: Arrowquip is pleased to introduce the newest member of the Arrowquip Family, Apple Farm Service Inc. of Covington, OH. Apple Farm Service has earned their reputation within the agricultural and construction industries as a provider of top-quality equipment and customer service. They are now expanding their service into a new avenue – by providing ranchers with innovative cattle handling solutions designed to benefit the rancher and the ranch.

Of their newest Authorized Dealer, Arrowquip President Andrew Firth said, “Their knowledge of high-quality agricultural and construction equipment is extensive, and we are confident that our cattle equipment is an excellent fit Apple Farm Service’s manufacturer lineup. We are thrilled to have Apple Farm Service join our valued Dealer Network”.

Apple Farm Service Inc. was founded by Henry Apple in 1956, originally under the name of “Apple Chopper Service”. From humble beginnings as a small shop on Henry’s farm in Ohio, the business has grown to include locations in Covington, Botkins, Mechanicsburg, and West College Corner, Indiana. They are experts in farm and agricultural equipment, and carry equipment and parts from over 100 top quality manufacturers. Apple Farm Service remains a family owned company to this day, with Henry’s son Bill and family expanding upon his vision to provide quality and innovation to the farm community in Ohio and beyond.

Arrowquip was founded in 1988 by the Firth family in Australia with the mission:

“To influence the livestock handling industry globally through the practical application of animal science and welfare standards, and increase producer safety and profitability with innovative equipment”.

In the last 30 years, Arrowquip has become a world-renowned manufacturer of cattle handling solutions known for their innovative designs, technological advancements, investment in animal science, and forward-thinking equipment. They have become the most sought-after cattle equipment manufacturer in the market today.

Arrowquip’s New 600 Series Equipment, the Q-Catch 86 Series, Q-Power 106 Series, and Portable Q-Catch 86 Series have redefined the cattle handling industry with never before seen advancements in cattle handling. Arrowquip’s R&D Team looked at every contact point of the chute that might make enough noise to spook the animal and spent over 2,000 hours engineering a solution for each one. The result is a lineup of chutes like no other that are quick, quiet, and built with the quality that only Arrowquip can provide. By adhering to animal science standards and refusing to settle for “good enough” with their equipment, Arrowquip has designed a lineup of chutes that offer unparalleled access and absolute silence to the rancher operation. The 600 Series is the most innovative line of cattle chutes ever produced, and ranchers around the world are seeking out their safe, easy to use, efficient cattle handling solutions.

With Apple Farm Service Inc. joining the Arrowquip Dealer Network, these forward-thinking, family owned companies are joining forces. Apple Farm Service Inc. will be bringing Arrowquip’s 600 Series and equipment, including the sought-after BudFlow® Cattle Tub, to ranchers in Covington, OH and beyond.

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