Getting familiar with your equipment before use is a great way to prevent accidents. Ensure you are using the proper equipment for the job you are trying to perform. When in doubt, check your owners’ manual. Always be sure all bystanders are away from the mower before and during operation and do not allow anyone to ride on the tractor other than the driver. Thrown Objects - Remove all litter and debris from the area you plan to mow. Stones... Read More

Did you know? Apple Farm Service is a Shur-Co Dealer! We are here to meet all of your tarp and containment systems needs. Shur-Co® is the largest quality tarp and containment systems manufacturer in North America, with over 50 years of experience. They use the finest solid vinyl-coated fabric with built-in UV inhibitors to reduce sun damage and fading. Each lot is lab tested for tear strength, abrasion resistance, and cold-temp... Read More

With the rains we have been getting this year, crop savers can be very beneficial in preserving and extending the lifespan of your hay bales. Depending on the moisture content of the hay when it is baled, you run the risk of your hay molding or even combusting. Crop saver uses a combination of propionic acid, citric acid, and surfactant to help dry out the hay as it is being baled, preserving the lifespan of your harvest. Propionic acid helps... Read More