New Holland Precision Farming


Precision Land ManagementWe’ve got your Precision Land Management (PLM) needs covered, ready to install on Tractors, Combines, Self-propelled Sprayers, Planters. Give Apple a call to discuss Auto Guidance and Auto Pilot Systems, Intelliview III Monitors, IntelliSteer Auto Steering, Smart Steer Guidance, Trimble Ez-Guide, Light Bars, and TruCount clutches for your planters.

PLM IntelliView III allows the use to have a common interface across all platforms of your New Holland equipment, and is compatible with most makes and models with being ISO 11783 compliant. It operates 6 screens for the operator to configure what to control, and allows three video inputs for back up cameras, grain tank fill cameras, and others.

Scroll below to learn which is best for your next yield, RTK or RTK+

RTK Network


RTK+ uses cellular data to track your equipment every action and every move. Using data from cellular towers, RTK+'s strength is the ability to not deviate during line of sight issues like hills, valleys, trees, and buildings. Unlike radio-based guidance systems, RTK+ is not limited to distance from radio towers. If you lose cell phone signal, no worries! RTK+ will automatically switch to a satellite feed when you lose cell phone signal until cellular signal returns. RTK+ connects to your current cellular plan, or we can help you connect to the best plan for your farming area. Click Here to learn what CASE-IH, or New Holland says about RTK+!

Apple Farm Service RTK coverage Area

RTK delivers precision within an inch! RTK uses a system of radio towers to precisely monitor and guide your equipment within an inch! Unlike RTK+, RTK does not use cellular data, which makes it a perfect match for anyone farming in areas with little to no cell phone coverage. Above is the map of Apple Farm Service's RTK coverage area. You can count on strong RTK signal if you live or farm within any of these blue circles.

Don't know which system is best for you? Discuss your situation with Apple Farm Service, or set up a demo today! Let our certified RTK and RTK+ technicians research your location, and demo both systems.