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Hustler’s Softhands are on Sale!

Hustler’s LM100 Euro Softhands are on sale at Apple Farm Service!

Hustler Bale Grabbers are built for the workers out there who refuse to compromise on user-friendliness, strength, downtime, or damaged bales. Right now, Apple Farm Service is offering a low-cost deal, get a Euro Hitch Hustler SoftHands Bale Grabber for only $2,350! These quality attachments require Euro Mounts for your machine to use and will not be able to connect to the Quick attach mounts that are more commonly used.

Euro Mount Vs Quick Attach

When comparing skid steer mount and Euro mount, there are some key differences to consider:

Attachment System:
Quick Attach: Skid steer loaders and compact tractors typically use the universal skid steer quick attach (SSQA) system. It involves two levers for attachment engagement.

Euro Mount: Euro loaders use the Euro-Global system, which features a single lever for attachment engagement. Euro attachments are also known for their auto-latching mechanism, making it easier to connect and disconnect.

Strength and Application:
Quick Attach: Quick Attach mounts are commonly used on compact tractors. While modern skid steers have impressive lift capacities, Euro loaders are still preferred for heavy-duty tasks.

Euro Mount: Euro mounted attachments are commonly used on large farm tractors. They are designed for heavy-duty applications and are often found on larger equipment.


While Quick Attach mounts are commonly used on daily tasks done by smaller machines and have a lower lift capacity, Euro Mount machines are used for heavy-duty jobs. Jobs where the Quick Attach mounts have a significant chance of breaking if they were utilized for such heavy-duty tasks.

Hurry while supplies last, these Euro hitch Hustler Bale Grabbers are in limited supply! Get your heavy-duty Euro Mounted machine an attachment that works as hard as it does!

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