Yetter Accessories

Yetter offer profitable solutions through the many planting, harvesting, and tilling accessories they offer. These planting accessories include down pressure adjusters, residue management, closing wheels, and complete planting units. Harvest and tilling accessories include stalk rollers, strip tills, and coulters. Apple Farm Service is proud to be your local Yetter dealer for Ohio and eastern Indiana.

Yetter products we carry



Planter Attachments - Air adjust series, mount row cleaners, mount cleaners, mount fertilizer equipment, closing wheels, spoke planter gauge wheels, and lidlifts.

TrackTill - Eliminate pinch-row effect.

Hydraulic Markers - Creates a highly visible mark with adjustable disc angles


71 Planter Unit - A mechanical-plate planter able to plant a variety of seeds.


Coulter Carts - Turn your 3 point mounted equipment into a pull type with the Base cart or add an adjustable toolbar with the Complete cart.


Bulk Seed Equipment- Speed up seed delivery from your bulk seed boxes to your tender or planter with the Seed Jet, Seed Box Train, or Seed Chute.


Toolbar-Mount Fertilizer Equipment - Coulter wheels with dry and wet fertilizer placement


2984 Maverick HR Plus & 2984 Strip Freshener - Residue management and strip tillage.


Sealers for Side-Dress Pre Apply

All Steer Cart - Can be used for fertilizer or herbicide

2986 Avenger - A 25" blade set to do manure application with minimal disturbance to the ground.


Toolbar-Mount Row Cleaners

Stalk Devastators - Crush stalks while harvesting to speed up breakdown for spring planting.

Head Cart Trailers - Available from 27 to 48 feet.

Auger Lifts - Raise and lower the height of the auger from your auger's wheels to center the auger to where you need it.


Toolbar-Mount Coulters

Hydraulic Toolbars - Single and double frame toolbars

Rotary Hoes - Stop weeds and maintain the health of your crop with a rotary hoe

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