Schulte is known for inventing the first conveyor belt rock picking system. The company dates back to 1912 as a mom-and-pop blacksmithing shop. Schulte began making cutting equipment in the early forties, snow removal equipment in the late forties, and rock pickers in the early sixties. Schulte was then purchased by the Alamo Group in 2000, allowing the company to grow quickly with a steady stream of capital.

Today, Schutle is known for their reliable and easy to use rock pickers, rock mergers, and snow blowers. They also make rotary cutters and basic tillage equipment. Apple Farm Service is the offical Schulte dealership for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.

Schulte Products We Carry:

Rock Mergers - Up to 14' wide. Hook behind a tractor and connect with PTO to collect rocks into a neat pile. Handles rocks 2" to 25". 

Rock Pickers - Pick up rocks from 2" to 27". Hook behind a tractor  and connect with a PTO to collect rocks into the bucket. Sizes range from 2.5 cubic yards capacity to 5 cubic yards. Dump the load onto a pile when the machine is full with the hydraulic dump.

Multi Rake Windrower - Break up lumps, roots, and debris while raking rocks into a clean pile. Connect to a skid loader and use the hydraulics to power this machine.

Snow Blower - Front or rear mount slow blowers that are reinforced for the toughest conditions. Sizes range from 75" 117" wide.

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