Landoll Brillion


Landoll is most famous for their Brillion branded tillage, seedbed preparation, and seeding equipment. Apple Farm service has partnered with Landoll for years, offering our customers the latest Brillion pulverizers, seeders, and tillage machines. 

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Brillion Products We Carry

Zone Commander - 7.5 to 22.5 feet with auto-reset shanks to fix soil compaction.

Sub Soiler - 1-3 shank models on a 3 point hitch

Soil Builder - Blend the soil from 6.25 to 16.25 feet.

Chisel Plow - 7 to 12 shanks from 5 to 12 feet.

Pulverizer - 20 to 52 feet with dozens of styles of wheels.

Pulvi-Mulcher - Bust soil clumps while firming soil from 7.66 to 36.5 feet.

Food Plot Seeder - 6 foot wide, perfect for wildlife food plot seeding.

Till' N Seed - 6 feet of working space to till and seed at the same time.

Agricultural Seeders - 4 to 12 feet for easy and consistent seed placement.

Landscape Seeders - 5 to 12 feet 

4630-36 Folding Seeder - Three 12 foot section to create 36 feet of seeding in one pass.

Double Seeder Hitch - Hitch allows you to pull two 8', 10', or 12' seeders at the same time.

Flail Shredder - 12 and 15 feet models with 540 and 1000RPM PTO drives.

Seedbed Mulch Tucker - Anchor mulch into the seedbed in 6 or 8 foot paths.


4630 Brillion Seeder Brillion Pulvi mulcher Brillion Soil Builder

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