Kivi-Pekka is the world famous rock picker from Finland. Built with heavy duty components, Kivi-Pekka's rock pickers complete the entire process, from winrdrowing the rocks, collecting the rocks, and dumping the rocks. Apple Farm Service is excited to be your local Kivi-Pekka dealer for sales, parts, and service.

Kivi-Pekka products we offer:

3.3m Kivi-Pekka - 900kg/min output (1 US ton/min)

4m Kivi-Pekka - 700kg/minute output (.77 US ton/min)

5m Kivi-Pekka - 1000kg/minute output (1.1 US ton/min)

6m Kivi-Pekka - 1,200kg/min output (1.32 US ton/min)

7m Kivi-Pekka - 1,500kg/min output (1.65 US ton/min)

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