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J&M Manufacturing offers high quality grain carts, seed tenders, header wagons, soil conditioners, and nitrogen applicators. A hometown operation, J&M's headquarters is only 30 miles from our Covington store, and 38 miles from our Botkins store

J&M is a local name with national respect for quality, strength, and dependability. They are large enough to sell nationwide, but small enough to take pride in each product they create. Apple Farm Service is proud to be one of the first J&M dealerships for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.


"The Most Dependable Cart in the Field" with a front folding auger, balanced tounge weight, circulating clean-out systems, and a heavy v-truss axle.

Seedtenders- a larger tank openings, easy glide axle system with election brakes, and tool-less sprout removal make filling and refilling during planting season one less set-back for a productive day!

Soil Conditioners- Standard with heavy duty hinges, turn buckle design, double twist baskets, and tripple lip flanges. J&M soil conditioners are built heavy where wear takes place, and designed to repell hard dirt and rocks from damaging your conditioner, and damaging your tilling tractor.

Applicators - Narrow 11' 9" transport width with tank sizes from 1,850 to 2,600 gallons. Toolbar widths of 55' to 62' 4" and spacings of 20", 22", or 30".

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