Haybuster began building tub grinders in 1966 when farmer, Joe Anderson, began building a better rub grinder at this North Dakota farm. Over fifty years later, Haybuster has a large line-up of bale busters, rock pickers, and other accessories in their 206,500 square foot facility in North Dakota. Haybuster is known for their reliability and work saving technology.

Apple Farm Service is an offical Haybuster dealership for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.


Haybuster products we carry

Bale Processors - Shred and throw bales up to 2,200lbs for feeding, bedding, or erosion control.

Rock Pickers - Pick rocks from 2 to 15 inches, and a dump height of 80 inches for rock piles.

Seed Drills - 7 to 30 feet of planting space with options for conventional till, mulch, or no-till.


Tub Grinders - Trailed and truck mount tub grinders for all operations. Truck mount grinders with crane arms and a conveyer belt. All with a powerful hammer mill system.


Vertical Mixers - Built strong for a longer life. One or two auger options with capacity of 430 to 710 cubic feet of mixing area.

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