Geringhoff has been creating harvest equipment since their origins in 1880. Their state-of-the-art corn and draper heads have become one of the most respected combine heads in the industry. Apple Farm Service carries Geringhoff's corn and draper heads. Apple Farm Service is a full line Geringhoff dealership for sales, parts, and service

Geringhoff Products We Carry

Northstar Series - Rolling blades and snapping rolls for efficient and fast harvesting

Rota Disc Series - 15 rotary knives in each row to process residue like a paper shredder for quicker stalk decay after harvest.

Patriot Series - Precision head for precision harvesting. Multiple row options from 30 to 15 inch rows.

Horizon Series - The worlds first chopping corn head

Freedom Series - Narrow 15" rows with angled gathering chains.

TruFlex Razor Series - Center knife motor and flexible reel for close and quiet cutting.

Milostar Series - The only row unit designed just for grain sorghum

Sunflower Series - Made specifically for sunflower harvesting


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