E-Z Trail

E-Z Trail began with an innovative farmer trying to fix an irritating problem. In the early 1960's a farmer was getting tired of his grain wagon wobbling with the loose steering common in those days. He built a new running gear with heavier duty parts, steering frame, and greasable ball joints. He was so impressed with how well the new wagon steered, and how "E-Z" it trailed. Today E-Z Trail produces thousands of wagons, grain carts, running gears, head haulers, and bale wagons every year. Apple Farm Service is proud to be an E-Z Trail dealer for sales, parts, and service for Ohio and Indiana.

E-Z Trail Products We Carry:

Grain Carts - 550 to 1020 bushel capacity with 14 & 18 inch diameter augers.

Gravity Wagons - 50 to 500 bushels with wider door, steeper floors, and deeper chutes.

Running Gears - 6  to 15 ton running gears for any size of load.

Head Haulers - Haul heads from 21' all the way up to 42'. 6 to 8 ton gears with options for lights and tall tires.

Bale Wagons - Various sizes of bale wagons with options for rear and side uprights.

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