Apple Farm Service is happy to carry the line-up of Convey-All conveyors and material movers. Convey-All is one of North America's manufacturer of conveyor systems. Based in Winkler, Manitoba, Convey-All produces signature bin fill, truck load, transfer, underbin, and paddle belt conveyor.

Convey-All products we carry:

Truck Load Conveyors - 12", 16", and 22" belt conveyors to move 3,500BPH up to 12,000BPH.


Bin Fill Conveyors - 16" and 22" belt conveyors to move 9,000BPH up to 12,000BPH.

Transfer and Drive-Over Conveyors 

Underbin Conveyors - 18" and 24" belts to move 2,900BPH up to 6,800BPH

Paddle Belt Conveyors - 16" paddle belt with options from 30 degrees all the way to 40 degrees.

Multi-Purpose Trailers - Large tenders able to handle grain, seed, and fertilizer. Hold up to six different products with six separate compartments, each compartment holding 208 bushels.

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