Brandt was one of the first producers of grain augers in Canada. They have an 80 year history of creating quality products to move grain. Apple Farm Service sells and services Brandt Grain Augers, Grain Belt Conveyors, and other grain moving equipment. Apple Farm Service is your local Brandt dealer for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.

Brant Products We Carry

Swing Away Augers

  Augers ranging from 60' to 125' in length, 9' 8" to 73' in height, and capacity up to 23,000 bushels per hour.

Transport Augers

 Augers ranging from 32' to 52' in length, 9' 5" to 41' 2" in height, and capacity up to 9,000 bushels per hour.

Grain Belts

 Move grain from the truck or out of the bin. 35' to 47.9' in length, 9' 11" to 23" in height, and capacity up to 12,000 bushels per hour.

Grain Vacs

 Low cost, easy way to clean out the bin. 85.5" to 103" transport height, auger diameters of 10" and 13", and capacity up to 8,500 bushels per hour.

Current Promotions - Now through Aprril 30th, 2023

$100 Rebate on Select Field Grain Belts

$100 Rebate on Harvest Grain Belts

$250 Rebate on XT Grain Carts


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