Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

In the last 30 years, Arrowquip has become a world-renowned manufacturer of cattle handling solutions known for their innovative designs, technological advancements, investment in animal science, and forward-thinking equipment. They have become the most sought-after cattle equipment manufacturer in the market today.

Arrowquip’s New 600 Series Equipment, the Q-Catch 86 Series, Q-Power 106 Series, and Portable Q-Catch 86 Series have redefined the cattle handling industry with never before seen advancements in cattle handling. Arrowquip’s R&D Team looked at every contact point of the chute that might make enough noise to spook the animal and spent over 2,000 hours engineering a solution for each one. The result is a lineup of chutes like no other that are quick, quiet, and built with the quality that only Arrowquip can provide. By adhering to animal science standards and refusing to settle for “good enough” with their equipment, Arrowquip has designed a lineup of chutes that offer unparalleled access and absolute silence to the rancher operation. The 600 Series is the most innovative line of cattle chutes ever produced, and ranchers around the world are seeking out their safe, easy to use, efficient cattle handling solutions.



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Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes- 

Q-CatchCom Catch


Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chutes-

HydrasqueezeQ Power


Portable Cattle Chutes & Equipment-

Portable Adjustable AlleyCattle Chute TrailerPortable Cattle Chute Alley & Tub


Cattle Loading Chutes-

Loading ChutePortable Loading Chute


Adjustable Cattle Alleys-

Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle AlleyAdjustable Easy Flow Double Cattle Alley8' Adjustable Cattle Alley16' Adjustable Cattle Alley26' Adjustable Cattle Alley


Cattle Tubs-

8' Cattle Crowding Tub8' Budflow Cattle Tub


Cattle Scales & Weighing Equipment-

Mount Plates for Cattle ScalesPlatform for Cattle ScalesCattle Scale Crate


Cattle Sorting Alleys-

Cattle Sorting Alley One WayCattle Sorting Alley Two WayCattle Sorting Alley Three Way


Additional Cattle Working Equipment-

Cattle Vet CageCalving PenCattle Head GateCattle Head HolderSternum Bar



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