Anderson is your expert in bale wrapping and bale trailers. Originated in Quebec, Anderson has grown immensely from their start in 1988. They now deliver to over 22 countries and produce over 1,000 units each year! Anderson is know for reliable and easy to operate bale wrappers and trailers. They offer inline and single bale wrappers, self loading bale trailers, the Wraptor, bale processors, and bale grabbers. Apple Farm Service is your local Anderson dealer for Ohio and Eastern Indiana.

Anderson Products We Carry


Inline Bale Wrappers - The NWS660 , IFX660 Xtractor, Hybrid-X Xtractor, & Evolution Xtractor. Options for large square and round bales.



Singe Bale Wrappers - RB200 through RB680, & 780SB. Options to wrap single round bales and large square bales with PTO or separate gas engine.


TMR Mixers - Single, double, & triple auger TMR mixers with capacity between 10.33CY to 45.65CY.


Self Loading Bale Carrier - Round and large square bale carriers. Load the carrier from the comfort of your tractor cab.

The Wraptor - The one man, one tractor system that stacks multiple bales at once.

Bale Processors - The Pro-Chop 150 spreads bales up to 5' (round or square) up to 52'

Bale Grabbers - Grabbers for round bales that open from 68" to 90"

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