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Apple Snapshot

Apple Farm Service represents more than 100 top-quality manufacturers of agricultural, construction and grounds care equipment. We service everything we sell, plus hundreds of other brands and models. Our parts department has over 80,000 parts in stock at any-given time, and has the ability to order custom parts from almost any brand.

Apple Hallmark

We're always searching for improvements and innovations in equipment manufacturing, so our customers can access, test, demo and/or purchase the latest, the best and the most innovative machine to meet their needs. 

Apple Reputation

Apple Farm Service has continued their reputation set by Henry Apple over 60 years ago. We take pride as the Ag and Construction Equipment Specialists as the experts for the entire life-cycle of your equipment. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive inventory of high-quality products, our reputation for service excellence and our well-known ability to stock or find the parts you need for your farm equipment - even if that means tracking down a part for a 30-year-old machine!

We also live by a code of ethics and our own set of high standards, which were established by founder Henry Apple and are maintained by each and every one of us at Apple Farm Service.


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